Gmail Update: Google made big changes in Gmail, updated rollout with new design and features

Google Rolling Out New Design For GmailGoogle has made a big change in the design of Gmail. With the new update, it will now be possible to switch between new chat, space and Google Meet easily. Google announced this new design in February 2022. Since then some users started getting the options of Google Meet, Google Space and Google Chat in the Gmail sidebar. At the same time, now this service has been rolled out for all users. After the latest update, users will get the option of Meet, Chat and Space at one place. With this, users will get a new and better experience.

If you do not like the new UI, then there is also an option to switch to the old one.

In Gmail’s new user interface, ie UI, you will find many special options. Here you also have the option to turn off those apps, which are not in use by you. Despite this, if you do not like the new UI of Gmail, then you can go back to the old UI. For this you have to follow some steps. First of all, you have to click on Settings on the right hand side. Here go to the Quick Settings option. Now click on Go Back To The Original Gmail View. After this you have to click on Reload in the new window.

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