Finally! MG Begins to shipping Excite Variant of ZS EV as per reports

In March, British automobile giant MG Updated MG ZS EV Released (Electric Vehicles) India. At that time, the SUV was released as an exclusive model, the highest specification, and the basic model, Excite, was scheduled to be released in July. However, the release has been delayed and now according to the report The company has announced that it will begin shipping the Excite variant later this month.

price increase

According to reports, MG has increased the price of its Exclusive and Excite variants. After the hike, the former can be used in: $26.49 lakh, the latter cost $The current exclusive price is 22.58 million won. $25.88 lakh, according to the March announcement, the cost of Excite is $21.99 million won

MG ZS EV Battery Pack

Both models have a 50.3 kWh battery pack. The battery produces 174bhp output and 280Nm torque. The driving range on a single charge is 461 km, and from standstill to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds is sufficient.

MG ZS EV Features

Features include a touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone connectivity, 360-degree camera, climate control, rear air conditioning vents, panoramic sunroof, wireless charger, and rear driver assistance.

MG ZS EV safety features

The SUV has three-point seat belts, Brake Assist with Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), Auto Hold with Electronic Parking Brake, Descent Control, Hill Start Assist, Front and Rear Discs and It has the same safety features. Brakes, rear parking sensors, front and rear seat belt notifications, electronic stability control, tight pressure monitoring system, etc.

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