Facebook’s status feature coming to Twitter, learn how to use

Twitter Users will soon start getting status feature like Facebook, Instagram. The microblogging company is testing this feature with some users in the US and Australia. According to the report coming out, this feature of Twitter can be introduced in the name of Vibe. The company has confirmed that this status feature is currently being tested for a limited time.

With this new feature being tested, users will be able to assign one of their tweets to a predetermined label. Simply put, users will be able to assign one of their tweets to status.

limited time test
Twitter has confirmed to TechCrunch about the status feature, that it is currently being tested for a limited time. However, the custom emoji feature will not be available in it. It will look like the old version of Facebook Status, where users could label a pre-written post according to their preferences.

I don’t know how twitter managed to release a more embarrassing and unusable feature than cotweets in the same month but here it is. these are all the statuses you can use. no custom statuses allowed pic.twitter.com/2BPwku1qi1

— Takes Of Vesperia (@coolranchzaku) July 27, 2022

Some Twitter users have shared photos of the upcoming status feature, showing what the feature looks like. Apart from this, it has a preset label, in which an emoji and short description are given. The user has also expressed displeasure about this feature, that the feature of custom emoji is not available in it.

Many pre-defined emoji will be available
With this upcoming status feature of Twitter, pre-defined emoji and descriptions like Thread, Hot Take, Vacation Mode, Soon and Traveling will be available. It will also act like a hashtag. This feature gives users the freedom to share status as per their mood, just like on Facebook.

This feature was first posted by reverse engineer Jane Menchun Wong for the microblogging site, in which she shared a screenshot and named the feature as Vibe. The status feature of Twitter will display an emoji just below the username and can be used for a tweet. However, the company has not said anything about when this feature will be brought to all users.

Twitter is testing “Try Twitter”, letting people follow and read Tweets in the mobile app without having an account

This test drive is public and requires personalization. Most of other actions like retweeting, liking, bookmarking, tweeting still require signing up / logging in pic.twitter.com/Sj0axwyXGo

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) July 28, 2022

Apart from this, Twitter is also testing the “Try Twitter” feature, in which users will be able to read tweets without a Twitter account in the mobile app. Jane Menchun Wong said in her tweet that the company is currently testing this feature, which requires a variety of personalization. However, users will need to sign-up and log-in to retweet, like tweets, bookmark and tweet.

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