Explainer: What is 5G network and how will it work? Know here everything you want to know

What Is 5G How Does It WorkDiscussion about 5G is going on very loudly in India (5G in India). The auction of 5G spectrum (5G Spectrum Auction) in the country has been completed and in this, Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Adani Data Networks have made their respective bids. stake has been purchased. If we talk about the 5G launch date in India, then by the end of this year all the big telecom companies of the country will officially launch it and after that people in India will get 10 times more speed than 4G internet. 5G internet will start getting internet. But there will be some questions in your mind regarding this. For example, what is 5G technology, how will it work. Let’s know-

What is 5G Technology? (5G Technology In Hindi)

5G stands for 5th Generation Network. 5G technology is a type of wireless connectivity, in which the electromagnetic spectrum ie radio waves (radio waves) are used. It is a new technology in mobile networks and 5G network will play a much bigger role in the wireless data sector than all previous network generations. 5G or Fifth Generation is an upgrade in Long Term Evolution (LTE). Fast internet speed will be available in 5G, its network will also be good. 5G works in three bands – low band, mid and high frequency band spectrum. Recently the auction of these has been completed. All three bands have their own advantages and disadvantages. Low Frequency comes 600 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, which is almost the same as 4G. After this comes the frequency of 3300 MHz in Medium Frequency. At the same time, the frequency of 26 GHz comes in High Frequency.

What is Network Latency?

It is expected that the 5G network will not only provide better connectivity, but due to the transfer of data on new radio frequencies by advanced antenna technology, the data transmission speed will increase significantly and the network latency, ie latency, will also be reduced. . Now you will ask what is network latency. Actually, when you do some search on the Internet from mobile, then the time taken between your phone and the target server is called latency. This latency is 40ms (40 milliseconds) in 4G network, which is estimated to be 1ms in 5G network. That is, you clicked and the answer will appear in front of you in a millisecond. The 5G network will also have the feature of network management, so that through network slicing, mobile operators will be able to create different virtual networks in a single 5G network, which will also maintain consistency and speed.

Which radio waves are used in 5G?

The electromagnetic spectrum ie radio waves (radio waves) are used in 5G technology. Information about 5G technology can be found by understanding about radio waves. According to the scientific definition, the number of times a radio wave repeats itself in a given time interval is called wave frequency. This frequency is measured in hertz. The amount of time a radio wave takes to repeat itself is called its wavelength. When the frequency of radio waves is increased, their wavelength starts decreasing. In such a situation, when the frequency is high (or the wavelength is low), the waves reach from one place to another rapidly, but they are not able to travel much distance. The reason for this is that due to the short wavelength, radio waves are not able to penetrate different surfaces. Conversely, radio waves can travel a long distance even at low speed when the frequency is low and the wavelength is high.

What will be the speed of 5G internet?

Such claims are being made regarding the internet speed of 5G technology-efficient networks that internet speed on 5G will be 30 to 40 times faster than 4G. The coming time is of 5G. It is much faster than 4G network. On 4G network, where the average internet speed is 45 Mbps, but on 5G network this speed will increase to 1000 Mbps. This will completely change the world of internet. In common life, this would mean that data can be downloaded 10 to 20 times faster than 4G. While it takes six minutes to download a movie on 4G network, it will take 20 seconds to download it on 5G network.

What are the advantages of 5G network?

After the introduction of 5G mobile service, the world of mobile telephony will change. According to an estimate, the speed of 5G will be 10 times more than 4G. After the start of 5G service, a new era of automation will start. The things which have so far been limited to the big cities will be accessible to the villages. This includes e-medicine, education and agriculture sector will benefit tremendously. After the launch of 5G service, the digital revolution in the country will get a new dimension. Robotics technology will develop. The country’s economy will get momentum. Also, e-governance will expand. Given the way our dependence on the Internet has increased since the Corona crisis, 5G will help in making life better and easier for every person. 5G technology will open new avenues for artificial intelligence, healthcare, virtual reality, cloud gaming. The possibility of a driverless car will be fulfilled through this. Machines will talk to each other on a 5G network.

How much will the 5G internet plan be available for?

After the arrival of Reliance Jio in India, the Internet is in the reach of most people. At present 800 million users are using broadband. As far as the prices of 5G internet plans are concerned, there is no clear information about it at the moment. But it is believed that it will be expensive from the prices of 4G plans, but not by much. According to market experts, telecom companies have shed money like water in the auction of 5G spectrum. Obviously, it will be compensated from the pocket of the public. It is a strange thing that considering the market competition, adopting the same strategy as 4G, companies should keep the price of the plans low at the beginning of the 5G launch and increase it later.

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