Elon Musk told the news of affair with Nicole Shanahan wrong, said this big thing

Elon Musk Affair With Nicole Shanahan: Elon Musk has been a topic of discussion for some time now. Recently, Elon was in discussion about canceling the deal between himself and Twitter and now the news of his affair with the wife of Google co-founder has attracted public attention to him. Let us tell you that after the news of the affair, Elon Musk has termed all these things wrong. He says that there is no relationship between him and Nicole.

Told Sergey Brin his friend

He called the news of the continuing affairs between Elon Musk and Nicole Shanahan as complete nonsense. Further, he said about Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin that- “Sergey is a very good friend of mine and was also together in the same party last night”. Describing the news of affairs between him and Nicole as baseless, he said that- I have met Nicole only 2 times in the last three years and there is no such relationship between us. He has given all this information through a tweet.

Affair claims from September 2021 onwards

According to the reports, the affair between Elon and Nicole started after the breakup of her and her partner Grimes in September 2021. But, Elon denied all these things and said in his defense that- “I have not had a relationship with anyone for years and to further prove his point, he also presented a picture of himself and Sergey. Showing the picture, he said that Sergey is a very good friend of mine and this picture was taken recently.

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