Electric Vehicles will be cheap, IIT Kharagpur students make sodium ion battery, know full details

Electric Vehicles To Get Cheaper In India: The demand for electric vehicles in India is increasing very fast. People are choosing electric vehicles instead of regular petrol/diesel engines. The main reason behind doing this is rising fuel prices. People are fed up with the exorbitant prices and are looking for a cheaper option for themselves. Let us tell you that soon electric vehicles can be cheap in India. And if this happens, then the biggest hand in this will be the students of IIT Kharagpur. Let us tell you that the researchers of IIT Kharagpur have manufactured sodium ion based battery and supercapacitor using nano material. These batteries are much better than Lithium Ion batteries. Sodium ions are present in favorable quantities in the country and at the same time less money is spent in making them.

Amrish Chandra’s statement

Amrish Chandra, a physics professor at IIT Kharagpur and who led the research team on sodium ion-based energy technology, also gave his statement about this. In his statement, he told that these batteries support fast charging and hence can be charged very fast. Let us tell you that these batteries can also be connected with electric cycles.

Sodium is cheaper than lithium materials

If you compare the materials used in sodium battery with the materials used in lithium battery, then it is much cheaper. Apart from being cheap, their performance is also very good. These batteries are also very easy to make. Let us tell you that a battery made from a sodium ion cell can also be discharged to zero volts like a capacitor and for this reason they are also considered safer than other storage techniques.

There will be a 25 percent drop in the price

Professor Amrish Chandra of IIT Kharagpur said that with the use of this technology, the price of electric vehicles can be brought in the range of 10 thousand to 15 thousand. It will be up to 25 percent cheaper than lithium-ion storage. There is no environmental impact on sodium ion batteries and at the same time they are also very easy to destroy.

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