‘Dangerous’ virus found in these apps on Google Play Store, check if you have any of these apps

If you are also an Android user, then this is a good news for you. Google Play Store But there are many such apps, in which malware ie viruses are found. However, Google keeps removing these apps from the Play Store from time to time. According to a recent report, the activity of malicious apps on mobile devices is the cause of the biggest Android security threats.

Malware Analyst has detected dozens of such apps on the Google Play Store, in which torjan virus has been found. These include adware torrents, fake apps used by thugs, apps that steal personal information, etc.

According to Dr Web’s report, the activity of the Torjan virus named Android.Spy.4498, which steals personal data, has decreased in June. Compared to May 2022, these viruses have been found 20.56 percent less in apps on the Google Play Store. At the same time, the activity of hidden adware torgen has also decreased by 8 percent. However, still these apps remain the biggest threat to Android users.

Dr Web’s Malware Analyst has detected dozens of such apps on the Google Play Store. These include Adware Torjans, Fake Apps, Torjans used for apps that steal personal information, etc.

Apps downloaded 1 million times
According to the report, more than 98,90,000 (about 1 crore) downloads have been recorded in a month of 30 adware torrents of the Android.hiddn.Ads family. These adware have been found in image editing software, virtual keyboard, system tools and utilities, calling app, wallpaper collection app, etc. According to the report, the Torjan virus will be found in the photo editing apps given below on the Google Play Store.

Viruses found in these photo editing apps
Photo Editor: Retouch & Coutout
Photo Editor: Art Filters
Photo Editor: Design Maker
Photo Editor & Background Eraser
Photo & Exif Editor
Photo Editor- Filter Effects
Photo Filters & Effects
Photo Editor: Blur Image
Photo Editor: Cut, Paste, Emoji
Keyboard: Stickers & GIFs
Neon Theme Keyboard
Cashe Cleaner
Fast Cleaner
Cashe Cleaner
Funny Wallpapers- Live Screen
Notes – reminders

Dr Web specialist has detected several more Torjan viruses from the Android.joker family, which specialize in downloading and executing arbitrary codes. They subscribe to the services of the mobile without the knowledge of the users. One of these viruses has been found in the third party Poco Launcher. Apart from this, a Torjan is found in the 4K Pro Camera app and the Heart Emoji Stickers app.

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