China Taiwan Tension: From smartphones to smart TVs and cars, production is in danger

China Taiwan War ImpactThe tension between China and America has increased over Taiwan. China stunned by US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. While Chinese aircraft have started reaching Taiwan’s Defense Zone, China has also started maneuvers near Taiwan. In this situation, if a fight breaks out between China and Taiwan, then it can prove to be a big crisis for the technology world. Indeed, Taiwan is considered the largest stronghold of modern semiconductors in the world. In such a situation, if this war happens, then what will be its effect on the technology world? Let’s find out-

Already shortage due to Corona and Russo-Ukraine war

The current tension between China and Taiwan has increased the tension of the automobile and technology sector. These especially include those companies, which are associated with the manufacturing of electronics equipment. The whole game is tied to the chip. There is already a shortage of semiconductors due to the Corona epidemic and the Russo-Ukraine war. Now the way America and China have come face to face on Taiwan, it has made the situation worse. Taiwan is the main chip manufacturing country. The special thing is that it supplies the most advanced chip in the world.

Production of phones, laptops, automobiles will be in trouble

According to a Reuters report, Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing companies alone produce 92 percent of the world’s advanced semiconductors. China is a big country not only in terms of manufacturing but also in terms of consumption. The rising tension between the US and China can affect the supply of the semiconductor industry all over the world. Obviously India will not remain untouched by this. If this happens, then the prices of all electronic items from mobiles, TVs, laptops can be affected. If China attacks Taiwan, then like a chip crisis can arise in front of the whole world. Actually the whole world is relying on Taiwan for the chip. According to another report, Taiwanese companies account for 54 percent of the total earnings from semiconductors in the world. It is obvious that in the event of war, the production of mobile phones, laptops, automobiles in the world will be in trouble.

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