Before deducting the challan for over speed on the road, turn on the speed limit warning on Google Maps like this: easy steps

Google’s navigation application – Google Maps is in all phones and in today’s time it is being used a lot. Taxis are clever, or we have to go to a new place ourselves, then put the location on Google Maps and reach. Over time, there have been many updates on this app, from which it gives more accurate location. On this app, you get many features from finding any address to toll details, street view, location share, etc. But with another new feature, this app can also save you from challans for over speeding or crossing the speed limit on the road and also takes care of your safety by giving speed warnings.

With the speed limit warning turned on on Google Maps, this app sends you an alert about the speed limit on the road. This feature has been on Maps for a long time, but it has just arrived in India. So let’s know in easy steps how to turn on speed limit warning on Google Maps.

Introducing this feature on the Maps app by Google, the company says that, “To help the country and the police in their efforts for road safety, now the speed limit information in Google Maps will also be provided by the traffic authority. . Currently, this feature is being rolled out in Bangalore and Chandigarh. We hope that together with the authorities of other cities, we will be able to start this service there soon.

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Although it has started with only two cities, but soon it is expected to come to other cities as well. So you can know here how to turn on speed limit on Google Maps.

This is how Google Maps show you speed limit warning – How to check speed limit warning on Google Maps

  1. First of all open the Google Maps app on the phone.
  2. Now click on your profile picture.
  3. Here go to ‘Settings’ and scrolling down will find the option of ‘Navigation Settings’, click on it.
  4. Now there will be a toggle of speed limit, turn it on.
  5. After this, scrolling down and going to the Driving option, turn on the toggle of Speedometer as well.
  6. It will then alert you immediately, as soon as you cross the speed limit.

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Apart from the speed limit warning, Google has also joined hands with the Bangalore Traffic Police to optimize the timing of traffic lights, so that traffic jams can be reduced somewhat.

Google claims that with the PattarNour smart machine algorithms for traffic lights, there can be some reduction in delays at intersections, road congestion and carbon emissions. Gradually, all these features will now be rolled out in Calcutta and Hyderabad as well.

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