Auto Expo 2023 Tata Motor cars: Launch date of all 9 cars that were unveiled today

Tata Motors presented a blockbuster at Auto Expo 2023 showcasing several production-ready models. However, Tata’s announcement was quite sparse on details, though we did get a bit more from company sources. Products are an even mix of EV and ICE offerings, though the latter includes petrol and CNG models, but there has been no mention of additional diesel developments. You’ll be a soldier for a while in Harrier and Safari.

New Tata Sierra launch in 2025 with new 1.5 petrol engine:

Undoubtedly the biggest star on Tata Motors stalls, the second iteration of the Sierra EV concept is getting closer and closer to a production-ready look. Now with four doors and an interior with traditional controls and switchgear, it is clear that this model is in the final stages of development. But while the concept is an EV built on Tata’s Gen 2 architecture, a heavily revised ALFA platform, what we now know is that it will also feature a petrol engine. It will likely use Tata’s next-generation 1.5-liter direct-injection turbo petrol engine announced at Auto Expo, which will make between 160 and 180 horsepower. This engine also makes its way to the Harrier, Safari and Curvv SUVs.

Tata Avinya Gen 3 EV launch in 2025:

Unveiled to the media in 2022 and unveiled to the public for the first time at Auto Expo, the Tata Avinya is a radical concept previewing the brand’s first third-generation EV built on a bespoke skateboarding platform. It’s so forward-looking that it looks like it’s going to take a long time to launch, but in reality it will be on sale within three years from now. Range is being touted at over 500km, and at the rate battery technology is advancing, 2025 doesn’t seem too far off. However, it is on the inside that will evolve and develop rapidly. It’s minimalistic and very conceptual. Unlike the other cars on this list, the production version of the Avinya has no ICE counterparts.

Tata Harrier EV launch in 2024:

Harrier’s biographical version was also a very welcome sight, as it resulted in some major revelations. One is a visual refresh with some pure EV cues, such as a blank-off grille and air-efficient alloy wheels, as well as other elements seen in the SUV’s facelift first launched in 2019. The EV version coming out in 2024 will be a Gen 2 car in that it uses a heavily modified version of the OMEGA platform. Also offered are two electric motor options, making this the first time the Harrier is offered with 4WD. The 1.5 turbo petrol is also expected to join the range, and the electric Safari (codenamed Eturna) won’t be far behind either.

Tata Curvv India to launch gasoline and EV powertrains in 2024:

The Curvv Coupe SUV concept also returned, this time in a bold shade of red, with more production-ready elements such as a grille and fog lights, more road-ready wheels and tires, and a more defined body and interior. And like the Sierra, you get both EV and ICE powertrains. The gasoline engine to be driven is the aforementioned 1.5 direct injection turbo and the next-generation 1.2 liter direct injection turbo that can also be applied to Nexon. Of course, this version will be stretched to over 4m in length, but will use a modified Nexon platform.

Tata Tiago EV Blitz launched in FY2024:

On display at Auto Expo 2023 was a potentially electric hot hatchback, a sporty variant of the Tata Tiago EV, albeit with little fanfare. Visually, the model can be identified by its black alloy wheels, subtle stylistic flourishes, and a blue bolt motif next to the EV badging. Other than that, Tata hasn’t released any information about powertrain or chassis upgrades, but now we know they’ll be rolling out in FY2024. That means it could hit showrooms before the end of 2023. Thiago JTP?

Tata Altoz and Punch CNG launched this year:

We still haven’t heard anything about the long-awaited Tata Punch EV, but what Tata has on display is an iCNG variant of Punch and an Altroz hatchback that’s due out later this year. With the latter losing its diesel engine before April, brands are looking to CNG to appeal to cost-conscious people, and providing CNG for punches is likewise a no-brainer. What’s interesting is that Tata is on a mission to give CNG a more upscale appeal and is offering CNG in the higher variants of the Tiago and Tigor. To that end, Punch and Altroz iCNG get a new ‘twin cylinder’ tank arrangement that doesn’t hinder trunk space in the slightest.

New Tata Harrier and Safari Dark Edition Coming This Year:

Tata already has #Dark editions for the Harrier and Safari, among other models, and has actually updated them in November 2022 to include additional features introduced in the Jet edition, such as comfort rear head restraints and all-round disc brakes. This latest Dark edition is expected to bring more updates and will most likely include the official market introduction of the brand’s new 10.25-inch touchscreen and new digital instrument cluster. We’ll find out what’s new when the pair launches sometime this year.

Tata Altroz Racer launch is yet to be decided

One of the exciting models on display during the all-new Tata Motors launch schedule seems to have an uncertain future. The Tata Altroz Racer is a hotter version of the Altroz iTurbo, boosting the 1.2 turbo petrol engine to Nexon specifications. That means 120hp and 170Nm, which is a 10hp and 30Nm bump. No mention was made of chassis upgrades, but the Altroz Racer has a great exterior and interior look. It also accommodates the aforementioned new infotainment and instrumentation screens, and is a huge improvement over the current Altroz’s setup. But with the next-generation 1.2 direct-injection engine (not to mention RDE emissions standard) coming soon, it’s unlikely that the older engine will be recalibrated just for this single model at this stage. You will be at a much later stage to get life.

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