Attention Delete these apps from your mobile immediately, you will steal private data

Google often removes malware apps from its mobile operating system, which prove to be a threat to Android users in some way or the other. Google Play is currently also equipped with many dangerous apps, which is proved by the fact that a popular anti-malware company has alerted about a list of apps found on the Google Play Store, which contain viruses. These fake apps work to steal personal and important data of users. The names of these apps have also been mentioned in the report.

Dr Web has shared a report reviewing virus activity on mobile devices, according to which malware analysts have discovered dozens of dangerous apps on the Google Play Store. These include adware Trojans, fake apps used by scammers, stealing personal and confidential data, among many others.

According to the report, in June, the activity of the Android.Spy.4498 Trojan, which stole the information present in the notifications of other apps, started decreasing. The company has reported that last month this trojan was present in less than 20.56% of the devices, which was significantly less than in May. At the same time, there was a drop in the activity of Android.HiddenAds adware trojan too, but this decline was a very minor drop with 8%.

The report further says that these apps are among the most widespread Android threats. Over the month, malware experts at Doctor Web discovered dozens of such apps on Google Play. These included adware Trojans, bogus apps used by scammers, notifications stealing apps targeting confidential data.

The report says that over 98,90,000 downloads have been reported from around 30 adware Trojans from the Android.hiddenAds family. The list of applications includes image-editing software, virtual keyboard, system tools and utilities, calling apps, wallpaper collection apps, etc.

Trojan-equipped apps are as follows:-

  • Photo Editor: Beauty Filter
  • Photo Editor: Retouch & Cutout
  • Photo Editor: Art Filters
  • Photo Editor – Design Maker
  • Photo Editor & Background Eraser
  • Photo & Exif Editor
  • Photo Editor – Filters Effects
  • Photo Filters & Effects
  • Photo Editor: Blur Image
  • Photo Editor: Cut Paste
  • Emoji Keyboard: Stickers & GIFs
  • Neon Theme Keyboard
  • Cache Cleaner
  • FastCleaner: Cache Cleaner
  • Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen
  • Notes – reminders and lists
  • Call Skins – Caller Themes
  • Funny Caller
  • CallMe Phone Themes
  • InCall: Contact Background
  • MyCall – Call Personalization
  • Caller Theme
  • Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen
  • 4K Wallpapers Auto Changer
  • NewScrean: 4D Wallpapers
  • Stock Wallpapers & Backgrounds

In order to display ads, some apps request permission to show windows on other apps, while the rest ask users to add them to the battery saving feature’s exclusion list. In addition, making it more difficult for you to detect malicious apps, Trojans hide their icons from the list of installed apps in the home screen menu or they replace the icons with less noticeable ones, the report noted. has gone.

According to Dr Web, in order to display ads, some apps ask permission to show windows on other apps, while other apps ask users to exclude them from the list of battery saving features. In addition, it is difficult for users to locate these apps because Trojans hide their icons from the list of installed apps in the home screen menu or they replace the icon with some icon on which they are installed. Get less attention

Dr. Webb’s experts also discovered other Trojans from the Android.Joker family that do things like download arbitrary code and make victims subscribe to a service and pay for it without their knowledge. “One of them was hidden in the ‘Poco Launcher’ third party launcher, while the other was in the ‘4K Pro Camera’ app. The third was in the ‘Heart Emoji Stickers’ app,” the report said.

It further explained that upon launch, the app asks users to log in to their accounts and then loads a real-looking Facebook authentication page. After this, the app steals the authentication data.

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