Anand Mahindra saluted President Draupadi Murmu with his special tweet, said this by sharing VIDEO

Anand Mahindra Tweet on Draupadi Murmu: Famous businessman Anand Mahindra is very active on Twitter. He is also known to give his reaction to every incident. People also like the tweets made by him on Twitter. Tweets made by Anand Mahindra are quite interesting and have the ability to grab people’s attention too. Recently, Anand Mahindra made a tweet praising the country’s first tribal president Draupadi Murmu through a tweet. In this tweet, he appreciated Draupadi Murmu’s courage, service and dedication.

Such appreciation by Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra praised President Draupadi Murmu in his tweet, writing that- “Don’t find your #MondayMotivation anywhere else, she is right in front of you. Draupadi Murmu is a person of extraordinary courage and commitment to service. Her inner strength has inspired her. Has enabled him to face all challenges. He also gets life from this. I salute him. It is a very proud moment for the country of India.

Anand Mahindra’s tweet got people’s love

People started giving their feedback after Anand Mahindra praised President Draupadi Murmu in this way. Let us tell you that more than 2500 people liked this tweet made by Anand Mahindra and also more than 240 people retweeted and shared this tweet of his. People are getting attached to this tweet of Anand Mahindra and are telling them by retweeting their words too.

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