Anand Mahindra fulfills his promise of educating a talented teen from Imphal.

Anand Mahindra often takes to Twitter to share special stories about people from different parts of India and their various achievements. At times, he also extends a helping hand to those who have the talent but lack the means. Last month, he posted about supporting a teen from Imphal whose skills left him “awestruck and inspired.” The teen used scrap material to build himself an ‘Iron Man’ suit. Now, in his latest tweet, Mahindra has mentioned that he’s kept his promise to help the teen fulfill his dreams.

“Remember Prem, our young Indian Ironman from Imphal?” Mr Mahindra asked his 8.5 million followers. “We promised to help him get the engineering education he wanted and I’m delighted to share that he has arrived at @MahindraUni in Hyderabad,” he continued, also adding a special thank you to the Indigo airline team for taking “such good care” of Prem during his journey.

Anand Mahindra had first shared Prem’s story back in September. Without any formal training, Prem had managed to build an Iron Man suit using scrap material – a fact that left Mr Mahindra and many others impressed.Prem’s video was first forwarded to Anand Mahindra by actor Jaaved Jaaferi. The industrialist’s tweets were largely credited with bringing positive attention to the Manipur teen. Congress’s Jairam Ramesh had also visited Prem at the time and promised him full support.

“Thank you for your encouragement and generosity. May he be able to make the most of this opportunity and become a world-class industrial designer. Blessings from Manipur!” wrote a Twitter user. “Thanks for encouraging this young promising lad from Manipur,” commented another. “Keep watering such talented youngsters today and tomorrow, INDIA will shine and rise!” expressed a third.

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