Airtel 5G: Airtel’s 5G services will start this month, every city will be connected by 2024

Airtel To Launch 5G ServicesTelecom company Bharti Airtel is going to start 5G services from this month. The company aims to launch 5G services in all cities and major rural areas of the country by March 2024. The company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gopal Vittal gave this information on Tuesday. He also said that the cost of mobile services in the country is very low and it needs to be increased.

Vittal said, we intend to start 5G services from August. Soon it will be delivered across the country. We are confident that we will start 5G services in every city and major rural areas of the country by March 2024. In fact, a detailed plan for network implementation in 5,000 cities in the country is fully prepared, he said in a conversation on the company’s financial results. This will be the biggest ever implementation in the history of the company.

Bharti Airtel bagged 19,867.8 MHz frequencies in the 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz bands across the country in the recently concluded spectrum auction. The company has bought spectrum in the low and medium bands for a total of Rs 43,040 crore. Vittal said the company’s capital expenditure will remain at the current level. He ignored the need to buy spectrum in the expensive and considered better 700 MHz band. The spectrum in this band requires fewer mobile towers to be installed for telecom services than other bands.

“Our competitors do not have a large number of medium band spectrum. If we didn’t have spectrum in such a vastly valuable middle band, we would have no choice but to get spectrum in the 700 MHz band. Vittal said the company has the 900 MHz spectrum band and as compared to that the 700 MHz band does not get any additional coverage from the network. He said that Airtel’s Monthly Average Earning Per Customer (ARPU) is Rs 183 and it is expected to reach Rs 200 and eventually Rs 300 with the hike in tariff rates soon.

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