2023 Toyota Innova HyCross spied again, may launch next month, see design

After the successful launch of the HyRyder Hybrid compact SUV, Toyota India is now preparing to launch the Innova Hybrid. According to leaked information, this new generation MPV will most likely be named the Innova HyCross at launch. A global debut is expected in the next few weeks, and an Indian release is expected in February 2023.

Test mules of the upcoming iteration of the MPV have already been found on roads in Thailand and later in India. The current generation Innova with the suffix ‘Crysta’ has been sold in India since 2015. When the Innova is released, it will continue to be sold alongside the new Innova.

However, older models can only serve vehicle segments, not individual segment buyers. Toyota continues to enjoy good demand for its current Innova, especially diesel engine options. The demand was so high that the diesel Innova had to be temporarily discontinued.

2023 Toyota Innova HyCross Spied

The new Toyota Innova transitions from the traditional ladder frame chassis currently backing the MPV to a monocoque chassis. Future iterations of People’s Mover will be offered in FWD configuration instead of RWD setup. In our latest spy shot, we can see production spec LED taillights and a new alloy.

Compared to the current Innova, the new Gen Innova is expected to offer more space inside. It also offers new features not previously seen in Innova. It will be the most advanced Innova offered to date, with features like ADAS, panoramic sunroof and more. It will also be the most powerful and fuel-efficient Innova ever.

This is thanks to Toyota’s advanced hybrid system. The 2023 Toyota Innova will only be available in gasoline and electric hybrid options. Not available for diesel engines. Those who want to buy a diesel Innova may have to settle for the current version.

Current innovation to continue
Innova Crysta is backed by the IMV2 ladder-on-frame architecture that also forms the basis for Fortuner and Hilux. The platform is known for providing a rugged and comfortable highway ride suitable for long distances with its ability to overhaul heavy loads and damaged roads.

Another strong attribute of the current-generation Innova is Toyota’s venerable 2.4-litre diesel engine that offers excellent low-speed torque and drivability. The new Toyota Innova HYCROSS is instead powered by a gasoline engine with no diesel motor option. This certainly won’t fit in well with certain sections of buyers who prefer the frugality and punch of oil burners.

Innova Crista, light facelift
The current Innova will undergo a visual change to keep the style up to date with the current brand’s product range. The Japanese automaker will drop a 2.7-liter gasoline engine at the Innova Crysta. Instead, it is powered only by a 2.4-liter diesel motor that produces a maximum torque of 148bhp and 343Nm (360Nm for the AT). Transmission tasks are most likely performed by a 5-speed manual or 6-speed torque converter automatic gearbox.

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