Uttar Pradesh: Six months have passed and yet 2 lakh children are waiting for their textbooks

Six months after distribution began in the state, about two million school textbooks have not yet reached students. This means that even after the government distributed about 11.5 million textbooks to relevant authorities in April, many students in public schools continue to attend classes without books or use books published last year.

Nearly 1.92 million students are enrolled in 1.33 million schools in the state. Regions lagging behind in distributing textbooks to students are Gorakhpur, Sonbhadra, Sant Kabir Nagar, Etawah and Kushinagar.

Regarding this issue, an official said, “Nearly 95% of the books were supplied by the printer as basic siksha adicaris (BSA). The delay is in the regional level deployment. We are working to fix it.”

Shyam Kishore Tewari, a senior official in the Department of Basic Education, wrote to the BSA that there was a discrepancy in the information in the books provided compared to those distributed by the school. His letter states that relatively fewer textbooks have been distributed to students than those supplied to the BSA.

Basic Education Minister Sandeep Singh said last week in Vidhan Sabha that the distribution of books at schools was delayed due to this year’s general election. Tewari added that he has provided publishers with guidance on issuing purchase orders and distributing books from their region. “The distribution of textbooks is small compared to the supply of textbooks. I have instructed the district to complete the 100% distribution this month,” he added.

In the absence of new books, teachers are using books distributed last year. However, most of them are said to be in poor condition. As a result, teachers in many cases manage to dictate notes to their students.

“The bidding process started on time in December,” Tiwari said. U.P. Congress Elections, Code of Conduct came into force. The new government had to make certain decisions through the Cabinet. So it was delayed.”

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