Three UPSRTC Bus stations will be redeveloped in Ghaziabad

The three Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) bus stations in Ghaziabad will be redeveloped into multi-storey facilities with all modern amenities for passengers.

UPSRTC officials said the government has made provision for a floor area ratio (FAR) of 4 at these stations belonging to transit-oriented development (TOD) zones, while allowing non-TOD sites a FAR of 2.5. .

The redevelopment plan covers 23 bus terminals across the state, including three stations in Ghaziabad: ISBT Kaushambi (24,284 sqm), Sahibabad (15,000 sqm) and Old Bus Station (10,000 sqm).

The government decided in December to solicit bids to design, build, finance, operate and relocate the redevelopment project.

“The two stations of ISBT Kaushambi and Shaibabad are part of the TOD zone of the Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) project in Ghaziabad. Therefore, they will have multi-storey developments with 45% of the area developed for commercial facilities to recoup the construction costs of the RRTS, with the rest reserved for bus operations and parking,” said UPSRTC’s regional manager, AK Singh. .

Transit-oriented development is fast-growing and generally aims to create vibrant, sustainable and livable communities located near high-quality public transit systems.

ISBT in Kaushmbi is adjacent to Kaushmabi metro station, Anand Vihar metro station and future Anand Vihar station of RRTS. Similarly, Sahibabad’s bus stop is near Sahibabad station of RRTS.

The increased FAR number means a wider scope for vertical development, officials explained.

“TOD sites will have 50% of the total area allocated for development, while non-TOD sites will have 30% ground coverage. The project will include commercial complexes, shopping malls, food chains, retail stores, passenger parking, hotels and other facilities, officials said.

The bus station development will be completed within two years and approximately 40% of the facility area will be completed within seven years,” Singh added.

Of the minimum required investment of INR 484 million, ISBT Kaushambi needs at least INR 261 million, while INR 161 million and INR 62 million respectively have been reserved for the development of Sahibabad and Old Bus Stand stations.

The state agency operates 878 buses, including luxury Volvo buses in Ghaziabad, and three bus stations accommodate 700 of these buses. UPSRTC said the three stations have an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 passengers daily.

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