Greater Noida car accident: Car hits 3 girls on New Year’s Eve, complaint filed

All are aware of the incident of Delhi woman where she was dragged by a car until she died on the road, a similar accident occurred in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, on New Year’s Eve (December 31) around 9pm.

After receiving complaints from people the victim knew, the police issued Section 279 (Reckless Driving or Riding on a Public Road) and Section 338 (Reckless or Reckless Endangerment of a Person’s Life, Causing Serious Injury to a Person). filed a complaint under or the personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code.

“About 10 p.m., a complaint came in from friends of the victim. Witnesses who helped transport the victims to the hospital reported that they had been hit by a white Santro vehicle, but they still do not have registration numbers. We are building a team and checking the CCTV footage of the area.

One of the students, identified as Sweetie Kumar, 22, from Bihar, is fighting for her life at a private hospital in Greater Noida, according to police. She suffered her head injury and is on ventilator support. Two other victims, Karsoni Dong from Arunachal Pradesh and Anganba from Manipur suffered minor injuries and were discharged the same day.

The complainant, identified as Shivam Singh, said, “I was on the phone with Karsoni when I heard her scream and the call hung up. When she couldn’t be reached, two of her friends went looking for her.”

“When I finally got in touch with her one day, she said she had an accident and was in her hospital. We ran there and found that Sweety’s ears were still bleeding, even though Karsoni and Anganba were there,” said Singh.

According to the victims, they were walking in line on the side of the road when they were hit by a vehicle.

“Our friends were taken to the hospital by a couple who were behind Santro in Baleno. They said the car swayed on the road and drove rashly,” Singh filed a police complaint.

Meanwhile, doctors said that Sweetie was in critical condition with severe brain damage from the extreme shock caused by the accident.

“She is still on ventilator support. She is constantly monitoring her situation. She also has fractures in both of her legs apart from other injuries,” said Dr. Dinesh Sharma, Director of Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida.

Police said Sweety’s parents were informed of the incident arriving on 2 January from Bihar. According to Sweety’s friends, her family is financially weak.

Police said the treatment cost about 10 million rupees (about 10 million won) and that the students have so far been able to raise 3 million rupees (about 30 million won) in crowdfunding for the initial treatment.

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