Rajasthan News: ‘Billionaire’ ‘killed himself’ revealed by brother

Alwar: To earn money, people sometimes adopt such tricks, which is surprising. Such an incident has come out from the Alwar district of Rajasthan. Here, Neeraj Sharma, a resident of Manumarg, Alwar, was declared dead and a death certificate was produced. Not only this, he had been staying indoors for the past 2 years to avoid people. The fraud on his part came out when he produced the fake death certificate in the court. In fact, the police have started an investigation into the matter. Then the whole incident came out. Police have arrested the accused. Along with this, investigation is going on about the people who made the fake certificate.

Commenting on the incident, SHO Rajesh Sharma said that accused Neeraj Sharma, a resident of Manu Marg, had taken a wedding garden on rent at Police Line Marg and did not pay the rent of Rs 16 lakh. The plantation owner had filed a case in the court for renting to the accused. But the accused made a fake death certificate and produced it in the court and escaped from the spot.

In 2017-18, Neeraj rented a matrimonial house in Alwar. Neha Yadav, the owner of the matrimonial home, filed a court case for non-payment of rent and closed the matrimonial home in 2019. After this, the case was going on in the court. When the court ordered Neeraj to pay the dues, Neeraj filed a petition in the High Court. The High Court upheld the order of the lower court.

He made his father’s death a weapon for his own survival.
But in the meantime, Corona crisis came in the country during which Neeraj’s father Chandrasekhar died due to Corona in 2020. This gave Neeraj an idea to save Rs 16,00,000 and created a fake death certificate. First the accused changed the address in the Aadhaar card. After this, he went to the crematorium at Transport Nagar and procured the death certificate from the City Council on 10th May 2020 by writing himself saying that he would correct the name of the deceased. After this, the accused did not come out of the house for 2 years. The court was also informed that Neeraj died due to Corona.

Revealed that Neeraj Sharma is alive…
But one day the victim Neha Yadav saw Neeraj Sharma riding a scooter and took a video of him and produced it in the court. The police made an arrest after investigating the case as directed by the court. It has also been revealed that Neeraj Sharma had obtained a second death certificate to pass an insurance claim of Rs 1 crore after the incident.

It is reported that Neeraj Sharma comes from a wealthy family. Her father Chandrasekhar Sharma was an IAS officer and her elder brother Krishan Kant Sharma was an RPS officer. But today he is behind bars due to fraud.

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