Congress government in trouble again in Rajasthan, MLAs of Ashok don’t want Sachin Pilot to become CM?

MLAs of Ashok Gehlot camp don’t want Sachin Pilot to become CM

The Congress government in Rajasthan is once again in danger. Around 90 MLAs from Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s camp have submitted their resignations to the Assembly Speaker amid speculation that Sachin Pilot will be made the next Chief Minister and if these resignations are accepted, the Congress government in the state will fall.

How did this crisis come to the Congress government and what happened last evening, let us tell you in detail.


Why is a new Chief Minister being made in Rajasthan?

On the leadership of the party high command, Ashok Gehlot is going to contest for the post of Congress President and he is almost certain to win this election.

In such a situation, under the ‘One Person, One Post’ pledge taken in the Udaipur session, he will have to leave the post of Chief Minister of Rajasthan and a new person will take over this responsibility in his place.

According to media reports, the Congress high command wants to make Sachin Pilot the chief minister, who has rebelled against Gehlot in 2020.

Gehlot wants to make one of his trusted chief minister

According to reports, Gehlot does not want Sachin Pilot to become the Chief Minister and wants to leave the command of the state in the hands of a trusted person. Although he has never said this publicly.

What happened last evening?

Amidst this conflict of interest between the high command and Gehlot, the Congress had called a meeting of its MLAs from Rajasthan in Jaipur last evening. There is speculation that in this meeting the legislators were to pass a resolution supporting the high command’s choice for the chief minister’s post.

However, even before this meeting, about 90 MLAs of the Gehlot camp gathered at the house of an MLA named Shanti Dhariwal and from here a big twist came in the plan.

What happened in the meeting of the MLAs of the Gehlot camp?

According to the report, the MLAs of the Gehlot camp in their meeting passed a resolution that the next chief minister of Rajasthan be made from among the MLAs who stood with the party during Pilot’s rebellion in 2020. He said the party should take care of those leaders who have been loyal to it.

After this, all these MLAs reached the residence of Speaker CP Joshi and submitted their resignations to him.

How is the rebellion of the MLAs of the Gehlot camp being seen?

This move by the Gehlot camp to resign is being seen as an attempt to put pressure on the central leadership to accede to their demands.

Gehlot has said that he has nothing in his hands as the MLAs are very angry and they do not want to see Pilot on the post of Chief Minister. However, with the amount of hold he has on his camp, it is difficult to believe that all this happened without his consent.

What is Congress doing to get out of the crisis?

Central observers Ajay Maken and Mallikarjun Kharge met Gehlot after the rebel MLAs. Apart from this, there is also news of Pilot having a meeting with Gehlot.

india today According to the report, Sonia Gandhi has given a clear message to Maken and Kharge that they have to end this crisis at the earliest by talking to each MLA separately. The responsibility of passing the resolution has been left to Maken and Kharge.

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