Waris Punjab De head Amritpal Singh on the run, Punjab Police launched manhunt, Internet suspended

A very huge ManHunt has been launched by the Punjab Police against Waris Punjab De group. Waris Punjab De group was founded by Deep Sindhu who was found dead in a road accident that happened in February 2022. Recently, Amritpal Singh was announced as the head of group who is now on the run as the police is behind him.

As per Punjab Police statement 78 people have been arrested so far in the operation that has been launched today. It is in search of the head of the group who has been changing cars so that Police can’t reach him easily. 10 of his close allys have been arrested and for now the internet has been suspended in Punjab.

Amritpal Singh who is the chief of Waris Punjab De is also a Khailstan sympathiser. The operation has been launched after one day of conclusion of G20. The intelligence agencies have been keeping a close eye on the situation in Punjab caused by the group. They have reportedly found out a link between Singh and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence.

“We are keeping a close eye on the situation unfolding in Punjab. Intelligence Bureau (IB), Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), and other agencies are on their toes and continuesly updating regarding the situation in Punjab,” a senior official told news agency ANI.

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