Khalistan should be seen from an intellectual point: Amritpal Singh, Lovepreet Singh to be released today

Khalistan supporters attact police
Khalistan supporters attact police station demanding Lovepreet Singh release

Punjab: Amritpal Singh, ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief has given out some major statements regarding Khalistan as Lovepreet Singh is set to be released today. Lovepreet Singh was arrested as an accused in a case involving kidnapping. Earlier on Thursday, supporters broke into the police station demanding him to be released.

Amritpal Singh, today, said that Khalistan should be seen from an intellectual point of view and this comes a day after his supporters busted into Ajnala police station, attacked police by breaking barricades, holding swords and guns.

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He said in a statement, “Our aim for Khalistan shouldn’t be seen as evil and taboo. It should be seen from an intellectual point of view as to what could be its geopolitical benefits. It’s an ideology and ideology never dies. We are not asking for it from Delhi,” news agency ANI quoted Amritpal Singh, ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief, as saying.

Amritpal Singh further stated that they were assured that Lovepreet Singh also known as Toofan will be released as soon as possible after legal formalities.

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