Kerala transgender couple expecting baby in March! Know full story

Ziya and Zahad, a transgender couple from Kerala, are expecting a baby boy in March, Ziya announced in an Instagram post. They have been living together for the past 3 years. Jiya was born as a man and turned into a woman, and Zahad was born as a woman and turned into a man.

Zahad is said to be the first trans man in India to conceive a child. Zahad’s breasts were removed, but Zahad’s transition from female to male was halted in favor of the baby. Zahad conceived a baby from Ziya because Zahad’s uterus and other organs were not removed.

A trans couple decided to feed their baby with breast milk from a milk bank.

“Even though I was neither born nor physically a woman, I had a dream in which a baby would call me Mama…. It’s been almost 3 years since we were together. Life is moving in his belly with his full consent.

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