Karnataka will present ‘Nari Shakti’ on this year’s Republic Day 2023

Karnataka will present ‘Nari Shakti’ or Women’s Empowerment on this year’s Republic Day, featuring three female achievers who have brought glory to the country. The theme was selected by a panel of experts who shortlisted Padmashree winners Sulagitti Narasamma, Vriksha Maate Tulsi Gowda Halakki and Salumarada Timmakka as the main heroes of the tableau.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Public Relations has five ideas to highlight on the table, namely Karnataka Women’s Bravery, ‘Silk’: Karnataka’s Pride, Karnataka’s Floriculture, Karnataka: Millet’s Leader and ‘Nari Shakti’. ‘ reported PTI News.

Karnataka’s tableau proposal was shortlisted to participate earlier this month after days of being denied the opportunity to favor other states that have not been able to showcase their offerings much over the past eight years.

The Ministry of Information and Public Relations said the situation was created just 10 days after the state’s proposal was shortlisted. A video of tableau seen during rehearsal was shared on the microblogging site Twitter

Talking about the three women whose achievements will be highlighted at the table, Director of Information P S Harsha said: Status did not hinder their achievement. They have gained worldwide attention through their work. Karnataka and the country are proud of it and the table has been created to reflect that.”

“This table, a symbol of Karnataka’s greatness and Kannada identity, was prepared in just 10 days. Also, for the past 14 years, we have consistently participated in the Republic Day Parade. This is something all Kannadigas can be proud of,” he added.