Bengaluru’s ‘India Coffee House’ menu now has a twist! Know what it is

The Coffee Board intersection on Bengaluru’s Ambedkar Veedhi road might be a transportation landmark for commuters, but the board with the India Coffee House (ICH) is an emotional and historical landmark for many. Passers-by cannot ignore the aromatic essence of brewing coffee at India Coffee House (ICH), nor can they forget the waiters in distinctive Indian attire and signature turbans serving hot coffee.

The India Coffee House debuted a new look this January giving the old structure a much-needed facelift. The Coffee Board of India, which runs ICH, has a lot to offer for coffee lovers. Carrying on the legacy and promoting the coffee ecosystem is Coffee Board, based in Bengaluru, India.

However, according to K G Jagadeesha, secretary of the Coffee Board, in the 1960s, the board started the India Coffee House to promote pure coffee beverage beverages nationally. However, the goal was not to generate ‘revenue’, but to ensure that pure coffee was affordable to all ordinary people.

However, shortened to 2023, India Coffee House has begun reimagining the space and taste of coffee to attract families and young people. As a result, the revamped ICH was inaugurated on 9 January at a cost of Rs 22 lakh. The decor and interiors of India Coffee House have been renovated to match the heritage of the iconic 50-year-old building, subtle yet strongly connected to the youth.

In addition to ‘pure’ coffee, they also sell mouth-watering snacks such as toasted bread, omelets, and cutlets. For the first time, ICH will offer a variety of coffee flavors, such as latte, mocha and iced coffee. In fact, 25% of coffee beans (mostly Arabica) are sourced from Coffee Board’s own farms across the country, with 75% of beans sourced from coffee growers in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and other states.

“The Coffee Board has traditionally only served pure filter coffee, and a new menu has been curated by Mitti Café to introduce the specialty segment of coffee. Overall, our goal is to promote entrepreneurship and increase coffee consumption across Karnataka,” he said.

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