Bengaluru weather update: Woke up to a foggy and misty morning on Sunday

India’s IT capital continued to experience a foggy and foggy morning on Sunday despite a slight improvement in mercury levels. Sunday’s minimum temperature is expected to stabilize around 16 degrees Celsius, while highs are expected to reach 26 degrees Celsius in both urban and rural areas of Bengaluru.

The highest temperature in the past 24 hours was 26.4 degrees Celsius, two places below normal. The lowest temperature was 16.6 degrees, one notch higher than normal. Mercury on Friday oscillated between 14 degrees Celsius and 26.6 degrees Celsius, the National Weather Service said.

Foggy conditions, especially in the morning, are expected to continue in the city over the next week, according to the latest 7-day forecast from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

According to the IMD forecast, the minimum temperature in Bangalore will reach 16 degrees on Monday, 17 degrees on Tuesday, 17 degrees on Wednesday, 16 degrees on Thursday, 19 degrees on Friday and 19 degrees on Saturday. The highest temperature is 27-28 degrees Celsius.

According to analysis by some meteorologists, weather conditions in Bengaluru are constantly changing and daytime heat is expected to increase while nighttime coldness in the city will continue to remain below average. Also, the increase in air temperature may be delayed until March when it usually occurs in February.
The IT city recorded its lowest temperature in four years on January 15, when the mercury dropped to 12.8 degrees Celsius. Prior to that, January 2, 2019 had the lowest mercury reading at 12.4 degrees Celsius.

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