Bengaluru Sea Tunnel Aquarium will be a eye candy in National Family Fair

Bengalureans are in for a treat – one of a kind underwater! The city hosts a festival called the National Family Fair with a special attraction called the Sea Tunnel Aquarium. Visitors can witness some never seen before underwater world creatures that attract a bunch of these crowds.

Located at two branches in Kengeri and JP Nagar, this festival is organized by the National Consumer Fair group, which owns amusement parks like the city’s popular FunWorld. As visitors enter the fairgrounds, they are greeted by a huge tunnel having more than 400 species of fish which also includes eels etc.

You can take a walk through a tunnel that offers 360-degree views of water life. The variety of fish swimming past makes for an awe-inspiring experience and a great Instagram opportunity. It’s an eye candy for sure!

Taking eight months to set up and build, the aquarium boasts more than 500 creatures inside. These exotic species include angelfish, clownfish, seahorses, wrasses and puffer fish. You can also spot eel-like creatures.

The aquarium has both freshwater and marine life. The organizers claim it to be the largest tunnel aquarium in India, with 9 medium sized aquariums and 24 rooms.

Tis also includes 13 small caves specially designed for freshwater species and 2 large caves housing saltwater fish. Because each animal has special ecological requirements, it is kept in special tanks designed to maintain temperature and salinity.

Chaitanya Iyengar, CEO of the National Consumer Fair, told that sources for the species ranged from international waters around Thailand to our waters in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Another must-visit attraction at the National Family Fair is the Animal Kingdom exhibit, which houses replicas of animals ranging from extinct mammoths and dinosaurs to giant gorillas.

Apart from this, the fair also has a variety of food stalls. You can shop for clothes, handicrafts, local snacks and other fun trinkets. There is also a fun photo zone that children and the whole family can enjoy together. The fair is until the end of this month.