Bengaluru Annual Republic Day Flower Show is back! Beauty worth watching

The infamous Lal Bagh Botanical Garden returns with its annual Republic Day flower show. Karnataka’s Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai kicks off this 11-day event on Tuesday. The horticultural department of the Karnataka government is organizing this flower show. More than 10 lakh people are expected to visit this annual exhibition held in the silicone valley, Bengaluru.

5 Things You Need to Know About the Lal Bagh Republic Day Flower Show

  1. According to Karnataka’s horticultural department, this year’s theme is the history of Bengaluru. Replicas of various iconic monuments in the city have already been made in different flowers and color palettes.
  2. Replica of Mud Fort, Bull Temple, Vidana Sudha, Palace of Bengaluru. Karnataka High Court building and Kempegoda Pagoda were the highlights of the flower show. These popular landmark are attractively decorated with various colourfull flowers.
  3. There is also a huge chrysanthemum show arranged in a waterfall shape. More than 2 lakhs chrysanthemums are used to create the structure.
  4. The greenhouse at Lal Bagh displays a variety of flowers that come from all over the country. There are many rare flowers that can only be seen at the hill station in the glass house.
  5. Over the next few days, not only citizens but also VIPs, foreign tourists, and elementary school students will flock to the flower fair. January 30th is the last day of this flower show.

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