Jharkhand: Controversy over statement of CM’s brother Basant Soren, said – went Delhi to buy undergarments

Hemant Soren’s brother Basant Soren brings his undergarments from Delhi

Amidst the political upheaval in Jharkhand, Chief Minister Hemant Soren’s brother and MLA Basant Soren has given a statement which has sparked controversy.

On Wednesday, when Soren was asked about his visit to Delhi amid all this development in the state, he said that he had gone to Delhi to buy undergarments.

BJP MP from Jharkhand Nishikant Dubey has targeted Soren for this statement.

What did Basant Soren say in his statement?

Talking to reporters about the political situation in the state and his Delhi visit, Basant Soren said, “There was a little stir in between, but now it is stable, everything is fine… We went to Delhi. Actually my Undergarments were reduced, so went to Delhi to get undergarments.

When asked whether he brings undergarments from Delhi itself, he answered yes.

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