Durga Puja: A small boy was killed by a sharp weapon accidentally during the Durga Puja sacrifice in Jharkhand

Durga Puja Sacrifice: In a heartbreaking case during Durga Puja in the village of Lalpur in the Ghaghra Police Department District, Gumla Region, a 3-year-old child Vimal Oraon crashed into the sand while sacrificing a goat. Revealed one after another at the town’s Puja Pavilion. As a result, the child was seriously injured. The child was immediately taken to Ghaghra Community Health Center for treatment, but unfortunately died on the way. Durga Puja’s bright colors were faded as a result of this horrific accident. Everyone was in shock.

The body was taken by the police
Station in-charge Amit Chaudhary reached the village with the police force after getting the information about the accident. The police received the body and sent it for post-mortem. The entire village is in mourning after the incident and the family of the deceased, including mother Birsi Devi and father Deepak Oron, is in a state of grief. Meanwhile, police at the local Ghagra police station were investigating the matter.

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