Gurugram: GMDA is likely to start constructing four foot over bridges on Golf Course this year

To facilitate the safe and easy movement of pedestrians on busy golf course roads, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is expected to begin construction of a 4-foot bridge (FOB) on the section this year and have it ready by the end of 2024. People involved in the project said:

Under a GMDA-approved plan, these pedestrian-friendly structures will be built in four locations that are high in pedestrian traffic and have multiple fatal accidents involving pedestrians.

The locations that these FOBs will appear are at the intersection of Bristol Chowk, Chakkarpur village near Ashoka Crescent Marg, near the Paras Downtown building and near the Times Centre, GMDA officials said.

Golf Course Road is one of the busiest sections of the city, but the lack of sidewalks and crosswalks makes it difficult for people to negotiate the 10km section on foot. The situation is especially dire as thousands of workers live on both sides of the road and have to cross each day on their way to work.

GMDA officials said FOB would ensure that people do not jaywalk in speeding traffic. “We have already given in-principle approval to the DLF Foundation to build four FOBs. One of the sites has changed location. We have also received designs for one of the proposed bridges in Chakkarpur,” said Colonel RD Singhal, General Manager of Mobility at GMDA.

Singhal said the construction of these FOBS will reduce accidents involving pedestrians.

DLF Foundation CEO Gayatri Paul said the plan is to build a bridge over the bridge to ensure safe and easy movement for pedestrians. “The plan and intention is to get this foot on the bridge, but this road is a bit difficult to do because of the heavy traffic. These FOBs are currently in the planning and design stages, and planners need to consider metro lines and vehicular movement. Work will likely start this year and be completed by the end of 2024,” she said.

Transportation expert Professor Sewa Ram, Delhi School of Planning and Infrastructure, said proposals to build bridges over bridges are welcome, but the design must ensure that these structures respond to the needs of pedestrians. “At Bristol Chowk, FOB needs to allow pedestrians to cross in all directions including Golf Course Road, Faridabad Road and MG Road. Additionally, bridges over bridges must allow people to safely cross major thoroughfares as well as service roads. It needs to be designed so that cyclists can use it too,” he said.

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