Free Electricity Subsidy: how to get Free Electricity in Delhi through Subsidy, just do this

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday announced that only those who apply will get subsidy on electricity bills in Delhi from October 1. He informed that those who want to take the subsidy should apply before September 30. He said that application can be made offline and online for this.
Kejriwal said that from the next bill cycle, people will be sent a form along with the electricity bill and it will be necessary to fill it to continue the subsidy on the electricity bill. There is another digital option where a phone number is provided and one can apply for the subsidy by making a missed call. Customers can make a missed call on the phone number 70113111111. After this, they will be sent a form on WhatsApp, which should be filled and sent. Those who apply by the end of the month will get the subsidy on that month’s bill. Kejriwal said that they should apply every month for this.

Free electricity for everyone in Delhi, not just soldiers! Know what matters
Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made the announcement in a meeting with senior officials of the Electricity Department, Discoms and other related departments and informed that people who apply will be given subsidy on their electricity bills. That. Let it be known that currently 47,11,176 households are availing electricity subsidy in Delhi.

Why is electricity subsidy optional?
Chief Minister Kejriwal had announced in May that he would continue to provide free electricity to Delhiites. He also said that customers who want to stop the subsidy from now on should do so from October 1. The Delhi government’s free electricity scheme is getting appreciation from all sections of the society. But over the years, people have suggested that instead of subsidizing financially strong families, the money should be used for Delhi’s schools and hospitals. Considering their demand, all consumers will be given the option to opt out of subsidy or get free electricity from October 1.

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