Even if delhi temperature drops below 0° it won’t snow! Know why

Many plain regions of North India have witnessed extreme cold this winter, with mercury rapidly declining in Delhi, making it colder than several hill stations such as Mussoorie and Shimla. Delhi citizens continue to suffer with extreme cold wave, with the mercury dropping to 2.4 degrees Celsius in the capital on Tuesday.

Delhi’s Safdarjung Observatory recorded the lowest temperature of 2.4 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the mercury recorded 2 degrees in Lodi Road, 2.2 degrees in Delhi Ridge and 2.8 degrees in Ayanagar by 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

People think when the temperature drops below freezing and it will snows but did that won’t be the case with Delhi even of its really cold, you will never see snow?


Even if the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, there will be no snow in Delhi. Along with geographical reasons, there are several weather-related technical reasons.

In an interview with India Today, Indian Meteorological Agency (IMD) director Mrutyunjay Mahapatra said snowfall is a type of precipitation that requires clouds. “Clouds should form in plain areas like Delhi. If the sky is overcast in Delhi during the winter, the cloud cover traps the heat, rather than the opposite,” said Mahapatra.

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