Delhi people loving the Prime Minister’s Museum, saw more than 3k visitors yesterday

Memorial Musuem and Library (NMML) President Nripendra Misra Nehru said at least 3,370 people visited the Prime Minister’s Museum on Monday,the highest it has welcomed since its opening in April last year.

The gallery, which will feature the work of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is likely to be completed by the end of March, Misra added. “Last year the museum welcomed nearly 400 visitors a day. It has a capacity of 3,000 people at any given point in time, and it surpassed that capacity by holding 3,370 people on Sunday.

“Museum officials have launched a special campaign to raise awareness. This includes announcements from nearby metro stations, messages from telecom operators, announcements on Delhi Shatabdi trains, and active promotions on social media.”

According to Misra, this has increased the number of visitors. According to official data, 18,733 people of all ages, including students, tourists and scholars, visited the museum from January 1 to 15. 2,061 people attended the new light and sound show with a capacity of 110 people per synagogue, 9,144 people attended the Nehru Planetarium and 17,090 people visited the PM Museum. We expect that number to rise further when a new lecture series on the Prime Minister begins.”

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