Delhi Electricity Bill Subsidy: Apply for electricity subsidy from home itself, follow this process

Electricity subsidy: Providing free electricity to the people of Delhi is one of the big schemes of Aam Aadmi Party. But recently the Kejriwal government has taken a big decision to end the subsidy on electricity. In fact, there was a political tussle going on for a long time over free electricity. In such a situation, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has announced in front of everyone that free electricity will be given to those people who want to take subsidy. That is, if you do not want to take electricity for free, then you can happily give up your subsidy. But those who want free electricity in Delhi will have to fill a form. Only then will you be able to get electricity for free.

this is the last date

Let us tell you that if you are a resident of Delhi and want to continue the facility of free electricity, then for that you will have to fill the online form before 30 September. Otherwise you will not get subsidized electricity from 1st October. In this case you will have to pay huge electricity bill.

How to fill online subsidy form

1. Electricity bill subsidy seekers first of all just have to make a missed call on 70113111111 from their mobile phone. Or you can message by writing Hi to 70113111111

2. Then soon after that you will get a form of electricity subsidy on WhatsApp. Whereas missed callers will get a link from the normal message. These forms and links have to be opened and filled. It has to be filled in the usual information given in it.

3. Then in this form if you want to take subsidy, then you have to write Yes. On the other hand, if you want to leave the electricity subsidy, then you have to write No.

4. After filling all you have to submit the form. One can apply for electricity subsidy every month.

who gets how much subsidy

It is important to know here that how the subsidy was being received till now, then let us tell you that the electricity bill up to 200 units has been kept free by the Delhi government. Meaning if your monthly electricity bill is 200 units, then you will not have to pay any electricity bill. If there is an electricity bill of 200 to 400 units, 50 percent subsidy will be given. If you get more monthly electricity bill than this, you will not get any discount.

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