Delhi diesel car ban, what is this all about? Know in detail

If you live in Delhi-NCR, own a pre-BS6 diesel car, or plan to buy a used car, we have bad news for you. Authorities have issued amendments to their Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) to combat air pollution. This means that approximately 950,000 diesel vehicles could be banned from the road if the AQI level exceeds 450. These diesel vehicles include personal cars, commercial vehicles and everything in between.

Why could this happen?

According to vehicle data analysis, there are 942,447 diesel vehicles in Delhi. Additionally, only 27,860 of these vehicles are BS6 compliant. Overall, there are 10 million registered vehicles in Delhi. Of these, 1.12 million are BS6 compliant.

Emission standards determine the maximum amount of pollutants a vehicle can emit in order to be legally approved. In general, diesel vehicles emit higher amounts of NOx (nitrogen oxides) compounds. This has a huge impact on human health. Under the BS6 emission standard, diesel vehicles must emit less than one third of the NOx volume compared to the BS4 emission standard.

When could this happen?

The new GRAP recently released by the Air Quality Management Council (CAQM) takes into account the AQI as well as PM2.5 and PM10 levels. GRAP is a progressively tighter list of restrictions for types of vehicles, operations or businesses that lead to air pollution when the AQI reaches a certain trigger point.

In GRAP, an AQI of “poor” (201 to 300) is level 1. Similarly, an AQI of “very poor” is a level 2 (301 to 400), and “severe” is a level 3 (401 to 400). 450) and the most severe Stage IV when the AQI is “severe+” (>450).

Authorities will trigger Stages 2, 3 and 4 up to 3 days in advance, depending on the forecast for the AQI threshold. In Phase 2, the use of diesel generators is specifically not permitted. In Phase 3, CAQM allowed NCR states to ban the use of BS3 gasoline and BS4 diesel cars. At the same time, for Stage IV, authorities will ban the use of private diesel vehicles that do not comply with BS6. It is also the first time that personal vehicles have been banned based on fuel.

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