Nitish Kumar makes big promise of special status to all backward States if this happens

Nitish Kumar has promised special status to all backward states

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who is trying to unite the opposition for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, has played a big bet.

Speaking at a meeting today, Nitish promised that all backward states will be given special status if the government is formed by non-BJP opposition parties in the country after the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Special status states get additional financial help from the central government for development and other schemes.

What did Nitish say?

Speaking at a program to launch a scheme, Nitish said, “If we (opposition) get a chance to form the government, we will definitely give special status to the previous states. I am not talking only about Bihar, but those I am also talking about the states which should get special status.”

He said that if Bihar had got special status, it could have developed more.

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