Visakhapatnam Underwater Tunnel Exhibition looks eye catching! Attracting crowds

Do you want to see fish species from both marine and freshwater environments up close in a glass tunnel fish aquarium?

Experience it at the recent underwater tunnel aqua exhibition held on the ground behind the beach road Polis Mess. The expo, camped in time for the Sankranti holiday, draws huge crowds.

There were also people taking selfies while watching colourful fishes behind them. Electric eels, star fish, and honeymoon fish attracted attention. Shoals were another major attraction.

Underwater tunnels are same as those in Singapore. The Fish Tunnel Aquarium in Singapore is a rigid aquarium, but the tunnel aquarium currently in Vizag can be moved to another location. At a cost of around 4.5 billion rupees, the self-built tunnel aquarium is over 200 feet long. Disassembles into 8 pieces to fit on 8 truck trailers.

“About 500 species of fish were displayed in the underwater tunnel. Most of these species were procured from Singapore and Malaysia, excluding Kerala, where large-scale breeding takes place. A further 44 aquariums have been built outside the tunnels. said Raja Reddy, Owner of the Underwater Tunnel Aquarium Exhibition.

There are also imported rides to specially for children. “We expect the tunnel aquarium to attract at least 25,000 visitors per day. There is also a hand loom stand at the expo,” he added.