VIDEO: If you haven’t seen this, then what have you seen? The ball flew ‘tested’ without hitting the bat, the spectators…

Batsman bat break from middle on Spinner in LIVE match: Runs are often rained on the cricket field with the bat and sometimes they also break. During the LIVE match, many such pictures come to the fore in some match or the other. It mostly happens on the ball of fast bowlers. When a fast bowler’s ball hits the bat at a speed of 140 kmph, 145 kmph or 150 kmph, it will not be a surprise to break them. But have you ever seen the bat break without the ball? If you haven’t seen it, take a look now. How did a batsman’s bat break through the middle before hitting the ball?

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  • The batsman’s bat was broken in the middle during the match.
  • English county sounds video

The batsman’s bat was broken in the middle during the match.

Recently, a video is becoming very viral on social media, in which a batsman’s bat breaks before playing the shot. And, everyone is surprised to see that sight. watch video-

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English county sounds video
It is a bit difficult to confirm which tournament or other series this video is from. But after watching this video, it seems that it can be of England’s county cricket.

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