T20 World Cup 2022: Team India is in danger, Indian cricket in R*R mode

T20 World Cup 2022: Is Team India the number-1 team in the world in T20 cricket just named? Because looking at the testimony that the figures are giving, it would not be wrong to say that now it is useless to make any big hopes in the big tournament. There is less than a month left in the T20 World Cup 2022. At the same time, Team India has lost 3 matches in the last 4 T20 matches. Everyone knows about the condition of India in the Asia Cup. Despite this, the team management, coach and captain are almost ready to go to Australia with the same team. These days the condition of Rohit and Company has become so bad that experts and fans are saying that there is no hope from this team in the World Cup. In this article, we will try to know where Team India is doing wrong or whether the coach and captain are overconfident.

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  • Indian cricket in R*R mode
  • The craze of experiments ruined
  • Big ‘threat’ is hovering over Team India
T20 WC 2022
T20 WC 2022

Indian cricket in R*R mode

It has not even been a year since this new pair of Team India took charge. But if we talk about the experiment, then Rohit-Dravid has used the coming 4-5 years in just a few months. Be it captaincy, team’s playing-11, bowling attack or batting order, there were experiments in every aspect which cricket experts or fans would never have expected.

Yes, of course, if these experiments were successful, then perhaps Team India would have benefited a lot from it. But alas, these experiments remained like Mungerilal’s dream for Rohit-Dravid. Now the situation is that even in the year 2022, the dream of winning the T20 World Cup has started looking hazy.

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The craze of experiments ruined

The condition of Team India is such that these days they are thinking that ‘Now if you go, where should you go, and if you do, what should you do? Team India’s changing strategy over and over again broke India’s dream of winning the Asia Cup and now the sword of danger is hanging on the T20 World Cup.

Big ‘threat’ is hovering over Team India

The T20 World Cup is to be played from October 16 and Team India has also been announced for this tournament. Other teams are also busy in their preparations, but even before this World Cup, a big threat is looming over Team India. Which can create a lot of trouble for India. At present, neither the team has thought of its perfect bowling attack nor is the playing-11 fixed.

T20 World Cup 2022

At the same time, the biggest thing is that the team which is going to Australia after losing the Asia Cup, has many such names which are not in form at all. In such a situation, Team India has taken a big risk which can become a big threat to India. Because in the recently played home T20 series against Australia, the same story of Asia Cup is being repeated.

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