Shane Watson said, who is better between Hardik Pandya and Ben Stokes?

Shane Watson: Hardik Pandya or Ben Stokes, at present, whenever there is a discussion of the best all-rounders in the world of cricket, these two names rise rapidly in the minds of all those who know, understand and watch cricket. Because these two legendary all-rounders have won many matches for their respective teams with their strong all-rounder game. Every cricket team wants to have at least one player like Hardik or Stokes. The reason for this is that both these players are a complete package in themselves. Nowadays the era of T20 cricket and the World Cup is also near, so the discussion is intensifying that who is better between Hardik and Stokes? The answer to this question has been given by Shane Watson, former Australian player and dangerous all-rounder of his time.

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Hearty or Stokes

Shane Watson has said that Hardik Pandya is a better player than Ben Stokes when it comes to T20 cricket. Watson said that Hardik immediately adapts himself according to the game and requirement and in the blink of an eye, he takes the game out of the grip of the opposition team. In this respect, he is slightly ahead of Stokes. Watson said that Hardik’s style of batting, bowling and fielding takes him ahead of Stokes in T20 cricket.

Hardik Pandya/ @bcci
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes

Hardik and Stokes’ T20 record

If we talk about the T20 records of Hardik and Stokes, then Hardik has scored 484 runs in 49 T20 matches and has taken 42 wickets while Stokes has taken 19 wickets in 34 matches with 442 runs.

Watson’s record has been excellent

Shane Watson has been a great all-rounder. He has led his teams to titles not only in Australia but also in many T20 leagues played around the world, including IPL and BBL with his superb all-round performance. The 41-year-old Watson, who has played 58 T20s for Australia, has scored 1,462 runs which includes 1 century and 10 half-centuries. Watson also has 48 wickets in T20. He has played a big role in getting the title to Chennai and RR in the IPL.

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