Journey from picking wood in the jungle to winning gold in Commonwealth Games 2022

Mirabai Chanu: The performance of the Indian contingent in the Commonwealth Games 2022 has been very good. The number of medals is increasing continuously. In the Commonwealth Games being played in Birmingham, the event in which the performance of the Indian contingent has taken everyone by surprise is weightlifting. In weightlifting, India has won 8 medals so far in which 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals have been won. Sanket Mahadev started winning medals in weightlifting by winning silver, but Mirabai Chanu, who won silver in Tokyo Olympics, got the first gold. Mirabai Chanu won the country’s first gold in the Commonwealth Games 2022, lifting a total of 202 kg in the 49 kg weight category. If we talk about weightlifting, then in the Commonwealth Games 2022, the entire credit for the golden period of this sport goes to Mirabai Chanu, who has been creating new records in this sport for the country for almost 10 years continuously. The success of Mirabai Chanu gave a big boost to weightlifting in the country and the youth have started taking this sport seriously and the result of this has been shown to us in the Commonwealth Games 2022 when weightlifting is the highest medal winning sport. emerged as. The story of Mirabai, who brought weightlifting into the mainstream of sports, is full of struggles and inspirational.

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used to pick wood in the forest

Born on 8th August 1994, Mirabai Chanu belongs to a poor family from Manipur and her journey from poverty to lift her fame as a weightlifter on the world stage is full of struggles which is very inspirational for any sportsperson. . According to the information, Mirabai Chanu used to go to the forest with her siblings in childhood and pick wood and bring them home by making bundles, due to which she got used to lifting weights from childhood and later she took this habit as her career. She gave and has become India’s most successful weightlifter today.

Mirabai Chanu
Mirabai Chanu

hour walk on foot

Mirabai had taken up weightlifting as her career but for practice she had to travel miles away from home, where she had no means to reach and she used to walk miles on foot. After this had become a part of her regular routine, the driver of the truck passing through that route started recognizing her and after knowing that she only goes for hours on foot for practice, the truck driver used to drop her at the training center. This was revealed when he organized an honor ceremony for truck drivers after winning the Tokyo Olympics.

A look at Mirabai’s success

Before winning gold in Commonwealth Games 2022, Mirabai has won silver in Tokyo Olympics 2020, Gold in World Championships 2017, Gold in 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Silver in 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. He has been honored with Major Dhyan Chand Award by the Government of India in 2018 and Padma Award in 2018 itself.

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