Hardik Pandya wants to be like this great player

Hardik pandya wishes to be like legendary all-rounder Jacques Kallis: Hardik Pandya is currently counted among the top all-rounders in India as well as in the world. Hardik has the ability to win the team with both the ball and the bat and he has done this many times in his career. Whether it is Test, ODI, T20 or a league like IPL. Hardik has proved his mettle everywhere. IPL 2022 has been an important milestone in Hardik’s career. Hardik pandya not only won the title for Gujarat Titans, who was making his IPL debut under his captaincy, but also made a great comeback in Team India on the basis of his performance and also won the series in Ireland while captaining the team. His performance in the T20 series against South Africa was also excellent, while in the ODI series against England, he was the ‘Player of the Series’. Hardik has demonstrated his ability to the whole world with his performance and now it is also certain that Hardik is the future of Indian cricket but Hardik Pandya wants something else in his future. Hardik wants to be like the great all-rounder Jacques Kallis.

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Hardik’s Hero Kallis
Jacques Kallis, a South African player and one of the world’s greatest all-rounders of all time, is Hardik Pandya’s ideal player. Hardik had said in an interview that he wants to do everything for India that Kallis has done for South Africa. Hardik also said that I want to give my 100 percent in every game so that the team gets maximum benefit. On the question of India’s best all-rounder, Hardik said that whatever he is getting with ball and bat, if no one else is able to do, then he can be considered a good all-rounder. Hardik told his ultimate goal to achieve the same achievements as Kallis.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya (ANI)

Kallis’s record

Jacques Kallis/@ twitter

South African superstar player Jacques Kallis retired from international cricket on 30 July 2014. In his international career spanning 19 years, Kallis has scored 13,289 runs in 166 Test matches with the help of 45 centuries and has taken 292 wickets. At the same time, in 328 ODI matches, he has 11,579 runs in his name with the help of 17 centuries. Kallis has also taken 273 wickets in ODIs. Kallis is the only player in the world to take 10,000 runs and 250 wickets in ODIs and Tests.

Hardik’s record

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya, who started his career in T20 in 2016, has scored 532 runs in 11 Test matches with the help of 1 century and 17 wickets, 1,267 runs in 62 ODIs and 56 wickets and 484 runs in 49 T20 matches. Took 42 wickets. Comparing Hardik to Kallis would be an excess with him at the moment because Kallis’s records are high like mountains, which are not easy to reach. It would be better if Hardik keeps his game better and instead of becoming Jacques Kallis, he becomes Hardik Pandya of India.

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