Did Virat Kohli leave the captaincy of Team India under someone’s pressure?

BCCI on Virat Kohli CaptaincyFormer Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli is in constant discussion these days due to being out of firm. It is because of out-of-firm that Virat Kohli has been given a break in the last several tours. Kohli is also not a part of Team India in the ongoing T20 series against West Indies and he was not selected in the team for T20 as well. Kohli had quit the captaincy of the Indian team citing poor form to focus on his batting. However, when Virat Kohli left the captaincy of Team India, there was a dispute whether Virat himself had left the captaincy or he had to leave the captaincy under pressure from the BCCI. There were also reports of his dispute with that BCCI President Sourav Ganguly. It was also revealed in some reports that Virat only wanted to leave the captaincy of T20 but such circumstances were created for him that he had to give up the captaincy of all formats. However, a senior BCCI official has told who was behind Virat Kohli’s resignation from the captaincy.

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  • Dhumal told the truth
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Arun Dhumal told the truth
BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has told in a recent interview that there was no pressure from any person or BCCI behind Virat Kohli leaving the captaincy of Team India. Arun Dhumal said that Kohli’s decision to resign as the captain of the Indian team was completely his, there was no pressure on him to leave the captaincy.

Virat Kohli/ANI

return form soon
Arun Dhumal said that Virat Kohli is an exceptional player and we all want him to return to form soon. Dhumal said that the way Kohli has served Indian cricket is unique and the entire cricketing world is waiting for him to return to his former form.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (ANI)

two and a half years without a century

Virat Kohli (ANI Photo)

Kohli, once known as the King of Centuries and King Kohli, has scored 70 centuries at the international level, which shows his ability as a batsman but for the last two and a half years he has not been able to score a century in any format of cricket and in the last few months He has also failed to play a good innings which is a matter of concern for him as well as Team India. Everyone is hopeful that Kohli will soon return to the old days soon. The BCCI has also shown full confidence in Kohli’s ability and has given him frequent opportunities and it is expected that he will be a part of Team India in the Asia Cup 2022 and T20 World Cup and do better for the team.

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