CWG 2022: Story of Subedar Gold Medalist Deepak of the Army who slammed a Pakistani wrestler

Deepak Punia Profile story, CWG 2022: ‘stuck up’From this, one can guess which state of our country we are talking about. Whatever be the match or tournament, but Haryana’s Chhore and Chhori are in the forefront of betting everywhere, and especially in sports, it is very difficult to compare them with any other player. One such name is that of Deepak Punia, born in a milk seller family in Chhara village of Jhajjar district of Haryana, who won gold medal for the country in wrestling in Birmingham. The funny and proud thing is that he registered this spectacular victory against Mohammad Inam of Pakistan in the final.

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  • Deepak took all the effort from Pakistan
  • Father’s struggle and son’s hard work
  • Some special things related to Deepak-
Photo- PTI

Deepak took all the effort from Pakistan

With the gold medal, Deepak Poonia also broke the pride of Pakistan. Deepak Poonia won 86 kg. In free-style wrestling, he defeated Mohammad Inam Butt of Pakistan 3-0. In the entire match, the prize seemed helpless to escape from Deepak’s grip.

Father’s struggle and son’s hard work

Deepak Punia was born in the Jhajjar region of Haryana. Wrestling is always an option for the people in Jhajjar village. Deepak’s father Subhash Punia is a dairy farmer who used to take young Deepak on a riot. Deepak started his wrestling career at the age of 5. Throughout his career, his father has been very supportive. Subhash Punia, his father has been traveling 60 kms every day since 2015 to feed him milk and bananas. Deepak is a disciplined wrestler, which he inherited from his father.

Photo- PTI

Some special things related to Deepak-

  • Father could not become himself, made wrestler son
  • Sushil, seeing Bajrang, mastered the tactics of wrestling.
  • Cow's milk is Deepak's weakness
  • Deepak had landed in the arena for a job
  • In 2016, he got an opportunity to work as a constable in the Indian Army.
  • Kettle is famous as wrestler
  • Deepak is fond of shopping

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