CWG 2022: Everyone should know the story of the struggle of these players who got medals for the country

CWG 2022: The journey of Commonwealth Games 2022 has been great for the Indian team so far. The country got 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medals in weightlifting, which made the whole of India proudly proud. The players who gave the country a chance to be proud were Sanket Mahadev Sargar, Gururaja Pujari, Mirabai Chanu and Bindyarani Devi. First of all, Sanket Mahadev Sargar won 55 kg in the men’s category. He won the silver medal for India by lifting 248 kg in the weight category. After this, Gururaja Poojary won the bronze medal in the 61 kg weight category by lifting 269 kg. Now it was the women’s turn, in which Mirabai Chanu, the silver medalist in the Tokyo Olympics, lifted a total of 202 kg weight in the 49 kg weight category and gave the country a gold medal and late at night when the whole of India was sleeping, then India’s daughter Bindiyarani Devi. (Bindyarani Devi) won the silver medal for India in the 55 kg weight category. Jeremy Lalrinnunga has won the second gold for the country. The story of these winners coming from far flung areas of the country is quite a struggle and inspirational which all Indians should know.

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Sanket Mahadev Sargar

The life of Sanket, who won India’s first medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022, has also been full of shortages. Sanket Mahadev’s father, who belongs to Maharashtra, runs a paan shop. Sanket also helps his father. Despite the financial constraints, Sanket did not give up on his dreams and has emerged as a hero of the country today. His father is also happy on the son’s success, he said that, after his son’s medal, his father said, ‘My son has given India the first medal. I am very pleased with it. I have a tea and paan shop, from which I run my expenses. I am very happy with my son winning the medal.

Gururaja Pujari

Like Sanket and Mirabai Chanu, Gururaj’s background has also been very weak financially. Gururaj’s father was a truck driver but he left no stone unturned to fulfill his son’s dream. Before weightlifting, Gururaj wanted to become a wrestler but his teacher advised weightlifting and from there his luck changed. Gururaj, who won bronze in Birmingham, has won a silver medal in Gold Coast 2018. Gururaj has not met his wife for the last one year to prepare for the Commonwealth, he has dedicated his medal to his wife only.

Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai Chanu is also from Manipur and belongs to a very poor family. Mirabai Chanu, who has reached the heights of success, has seen a lot of hard struggle in life. According to the information, Mirabai Chanu used to go to the forest with her siblings in childhood and pick wood and bring them home by making bundles, due to which she got used to lifting weight from childhood, later she took this respect as her career. given. Mirabai used to walk for hours for practice during the days of struggle, later seeing her passion for the game, later trucks used to take her to her training center. The struggles did not break Chanu’s spirits and today she is India’s most successful athlete. Chanu won gold in Commonwealth Games 2018 as well as silver in Tokyo Olympics 2020 before winning gold in Commonwealth Games 2022.

bindiyarani devi

Bindiyarani Devi, who won the silver medal for India in the Commonwealth Games 2022, hails from Manipur. Before joining weightlifting, Bindiya Rani used to play Taekwondo. He ventured into weightlifting after playing Taekwondo from 2008 to 2012. He always had a problem with Bindiyarani’s height, but his height has become ideal for him in weightlifting. He had to change his game because of the height, which was historic for him and he won many medals for India in this event. Coached by Mirabai Chanu’s coach Anita Chanu, Bindiyarani won a gold medal at the South Asian Games in 2019 and the Commonwealth Championship in 2019 before leading India to a silver in Birmingham. His dream is to win gold in Olympics.

Jeremy Lalrinnunga

19-year-old Jeremy Lalrinnunga, who won India’s second gold at the Commonwealth Games 2022, has a sports background. Jeremy’s father has been a boxer, he has won seven gold medals at the national level. He is working in the Public Works Service Department of Mizoram. Jeremy also initially wanted to be a boxer like his father. Later on the advice of the trainers, at the age of 8, he was determined to make a future in weightlifting. Jeremy Lalrinnunga’s medal winning machine. Jeremy, who opened his account with a silver medal in the World Youth Championship in 2016, has won Silver in Asian Youth Championship in 2016, Silver in Youth Championship in 2017, Gold in Commonwealth Junior Championship in 2017, Gold in Commonwealth Youth Championship in 2017. Bronze at the 2018 Asian Junior Championships. In the Commonwealth Championship held in 2021, men were successful in winning the gold medal in the 67 kg weight category with an effort of 305 kg. From Jeremy Lalrinnunga, the country has hopes of gold in the Olympics.

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