Punjab Police shares more details about Amritpal Singh, ‘Hue and cry’ notice against him


Punjab: Punjab Police is in search of pro khalistani group Waris Punjab De head Amritpal Singh who is on the run and is successfully escaping from getting arrested. Punjab police has recently asked help in arresting him and released photos of him in different outfits so that no matter how he looks he is recognised. All the photos look different from each other.

Now Amritsar rural police has taken a new step by publishing a hue and cry notice that includes information such as his skin colour, his age etc. This step is in line after a video went viral in which it is being said that Amritpal changed his appearance completely and looks nothing like the photos Punjab Police provide. Punjab Police provided 4-5 photos.

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The notice reads that he is wanted. As per the notice his father name is Tarsem Singh, Amritpal age is 30 and height is around 6 feet. The notice described his colour as fair wheatish. The address was also provided which is Village Jallupur Khera, police station Khilchian, Amritsar, Punjab.

As per Intelligence Agency, Amritpal Singh is hiding somewhere in Punjab itself and they expect and suggest that he will himself surrender from any Sikh shrine in Amritsar and Bathinda. This information is due to him being traced near Phagwara on Tuesday.