Gas leak suspected near a school in Punjab’s Nangal, 24 students admitted

Rescue teams on incident site

Punjab, Nangal: On May 11, a school located in Punjab’s Nangal had to be closed mid day after several students complained that they were not able to breathe properly. The faculty had noticed the number of complaints were high and suspected that there was a gas leak in a nearby industrial unit which lead them to take the situation more seriously. The incident took place in the morning and 24 students were taken to hospitals.

The private school took affected students to hospital where most of them got treated on an immediate basis and were discharged. However, four to five students were still under observation. Also one student was taken to Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh as per Rupnagar deputy commissioner of police Preeti Yadav. The student who was taken to PGIMER is also stable.

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The Punjab government has taken swift action and has alloted a group of officers and experts to look into the case. The members of the group are from Punjab Pollution Control Board and will be conducting a preliminary inquiry into the incident. The situation is under control right now. This is the second gas leak incident in last 10 days on April 30, the earlier one being in Ludhiana which resulted in deaths of 11 people which includes 3 children.


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