The use and throw statement of Nitin Gadkari, BJP is getting tarnished in social media, know full matter

New Delhi : The ‘use and throw’ statement given by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari during an entrepreneurial event in his hometown Nagpur in recent days is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The BJP is being targeted by sharing the video of his simple statement on social media. Tweeting and retweeting his video on micro-blogging site Twitter, it is being said, ‘Invaluable knowledge in less than three minutes.’

During the entrepreneurs’ program, however, the Union Minister, citing the example of a friend of his, also said, ‘His friend had suggested to join Congress at that time. I only told him that I will jump in the well, but I will not join the Congress, because I do not like its ideology. Along with this, he also said that no one should be involved in the ‘use and throw’ phase. Be it good days or bad days, once you hold someone’s hand, hold on to it. Do not worship the rising sun. Under the guise of his statement, the BJP is being targeted on social media.

‘use and throw’ should not work

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said during a program of entrepreneurs in Nagpur that when you get success, its happiness is only for you alone, then it has no importance. But, when you get success and you are happy, then there are more people working with you, big and small, than you. That is the real importance of success. He further said that the first thing I would say is human relationship with business, social work and politics. That’s why one should never do ‘use and throw’ work. There are good days, bad days, the one whose hand is caught once, if you have a friend, then hold it. Do not salute the rising sun according to the situation.

I will give my life in the well, but I will not come to the Congress

Gadkari further said in his address that human relations are the biggest strength and then any other. He said that I was a student leader in Nagpur. Shrikant Jichkar was my friend. One day he told me that man, Nitin you are a very good person and you have a better political future too, but you are in the wrong party. You come to Congress. I said that Shrikant I will die in the well, but I will not join the Congress, because I never like the ideology of the Congress party. On this, Shrikant said that your party has no future. I said no, it is not.

Man never ends when he loses on the battlefield

Nitin Gadkari said that I had a friend at that time. When I went to IIT, he gave me a book. At that time we used to lose elections. Biography of Richard Nixon. There was a beautiful sentence in it, which was useful to me and will be useful in your life too. It was written in it, ‘Man never ends when he loses on the battlefield, but ends when he leaves the battlefield and runs away. Must fight… and fighting needs positivity.’ He said that there is a difference between two words ego and self-confidence. There should be confidence, there should be positivity… but there should be no ego and ambition.

no patent on quality

He further said that the most important thing is that one cannot claim that he is absolutely perfect… perfect, more perfect, best, infinity. There are things to learn from even small people and I believe that no one has a patent on goodness, on quality. While talking to our own friends, we get to learn good things. There are many new things to learn. But if we can bring it into our personality, then we can improve ourselves.

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