PM Modi questions Gandhi family on Nehru surname aversion asks why afraid of using Nehru surname?

More than 600 government initiatives have been named after Gandhi and Nehru, but people of Jawaharlal Nehru’s generation fear Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s use of Nehru as a last name on Thursday. He pointed out how Parliament was agitated when a government plan was not named after the first Prime Minister, referring to a news report he claimed he had not checked.

“When Nehru’s name was not mentioned on the program for any reason, the council would be shaken. But one wonders why Nehru’s generation is so afraid to keep his last name. What are they ashamed of?” he asked, responding to a discussion about the Rajya Sabha’s appreciation motion.

Prime Minister Modi also said that India is not the property of any particular family and that the country was created through the efforts of the common people and the traditions of generations. He also pointed out the state’s allegations of harassment and said he understood the implications of federalism and that his government had emphasized “co-op competition federalism.”

“In addition to this, Prime Minister Han celebrated half a century by using ‘Article 356’ 50 times. He added that the name is Mrs. Indira Gandhi.”

He also argued that Congress is complicit in tokenism when citizens are reeling from various issues. “They couldn’t find a permanent solution to any problem because their priorities and intentions were different,” he added.

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